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Why join Shiloh Webchurch?

Transition: Many new or seasoned believers are not in fellowship because they have not yet been able to find the right congregation. Shiloh Webchurch offers believers a place to connect with a powerful Spirit-filled, prophetic/apostolic fellowship while they find the right local church.

Location: Many believers live in remote areas where travel to a local church is difficult or in communities where there is a lack of churches that believe in the prophetic and the supernatural. Some believers are in nations where it is not legal to congregate. Others are not able to leave their home due to health issues or lack of transportation.Shiloh Webchurch helps these ones belong to a worldwide community of believers, receive prayer and pastoral support, and have access to fresh teaching of the Word and prophetic ministry.

Work: Some believers, due to work schedules, cannot attend traditional services on Sunday. Shiloh Webchurch offers “on-demand” viewing each week so it suits everyone’s schedule in every time zone of the world. Webpastors are able to connect with a member’s unique schedule.

Personal Pastoral Care: Shiloh Webchurch offers quality personal and relational pastoral care via Internet and phone as well as solid teaching on Kingdom values, Bible foundations, the Holy Spirit, the Glory, and the Supernatural.

Connection: Shiloh Webchurch offers connections with a family of believers from across the world via social media and conference calls.

Prayer: Shiloh Webchurch offers strong prayer coverage for each member and their family.

Training: Shiloh Webchurch offers opportunities for training through PKM courses and webinars.

Mobilizing: Opportunities are offered to Shiloh Webchurch members to participate in evangelism and outreaches. Personal evangelism outreach is an emphasis in the Webchurch and members will be encouraged and motivated if they desire to reach out to the lost around them.

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